Art Lubetz

Author: Victoria Art Lubetz, Partner, Front Studio
Year: 2015
Scope: Pitching
Status: In progress

Press: Architect’s Newspaper

We’re working with architect-theorist Art Lubetz to organize a book on incompletion in the built environment, drawing on the history of art, architecture, literature, neurology, philosophy, and the five major religions.

Yes, it is ironic that we are working on finishing a book about incompletion, which has been in the works for over twenty years. When we first met Art Lubetz, a noted Pittsburgh architect, we heard his strong opinions about the public’s lack of awareness of architectural form and immediately got to work on the boxes of notes and research arguing for the value of incompletion, imperfection, impermanence, and the infinite in the built environment. Since then, we have crafted a book proposal and developed the book’s introduction: “Life is Right, the Architect is Wrong.”