Student Exhibition

Carnegie Mellon School of Architecture

Pittsburgh, PA

May 6 - May 7, 2019

An end-of-year exhibition celebrating the work of SoA from first year to PhD.


Organizers: Carnegie Mellon School of Architecture
Venue: Collage of Fine Arts, Carnegie Mellon University
Date: May 6 - 7, 2019
Scope: Curation, Project Management

For the second year, PLP founder Sarah Rafson worked with faculty and students of the Carnegie Mellon School of Architecture (SoA) to curate and organize EX-CHANGE the two-day exhibition and celebration at the SoA. EX-CHANGE represents an ongoing opportunity to shine new light on the SoA studio-based and MS/PhD programs and to position the work within larger questions of research and practice.  

Rafson co-curated the exhibition with SoA faculty member Akhil Badjata and worked with students from the school in all stages of the exhibition process. Rafson continues to work with students and the school’s faculty on the EX-CHANGE publication which further addresses the work of SoA students are the broad range of questions and provocations the school explores each semester. The publication is set for release in the fall 2019.