Collage City: Memory, Experience, and Depicting Dreams

Annie Wang 


November 1-30, 2017

02_Annie Wang_Dream Diary.jpg

Featured Artist: Annie Wang
Venue: Assemble, A Community Space for Arts + Technology
Date: November 1-30, 2017
Scope: Curation, Project Management

Press Release

We're organizing an interactive exhibition that uses Annie Wang's Dream Diary to inspire visitors to use collage and perspective drawing to bring their dreams to life.

Collage City: Memory, Experience, and Depicting Dreams is a month-long collaborative exhibition that explores the spatial and aesthetic interpretations of dreams. Operating at the intersection of architecture, visual arts, music, sciences, literature, and psychology, we were inspired by the surreal landscapes of the Dream Diary by artist-architect Annie Wang, who uses multimedia collages to record her dreams. We are building on Assemble’s imaginative, impactful programming to invite artists, architects, and the general public to interpret visitors' dreams live in the gallery and collaborate on a large-scale collage that speaks to the changing nature of the Garfield neighborhood of Pittsburgh. The collaborative and interactive nature of this exhibition will create an intentional ambiguity between the dreamer and interpreter, artist and visitor, and will increase access to architecture and design programming for students K-8 in the area.