New People, Projects, Places: Fall Newsletter

Hello (f)all Newsletter

Check out the  full newsletter here .

Check out the full newsletter here.

Hello (f)all,

The fall bounty at PLP has brought exciting new content and projects to our office—which is also new. 

At a glance . . .

The LA Times featured the West-Coast debut of Now What?! Advocacy, Activism, and Alliances in American Architecture since 1968the exhibition we’re managing with ArchiteXX.

An article we workshopped with AE7 discusses how to design for long-term care patients.

En Pointe is firing up. Experience the architecturally inspired performances of Toronto-based artist Elizabeth Czartoryski in our latest En Pointe interview. And, we're gearing up for a guest editorship of sub_teXXtArchiteXX's online journal.

Finally, join us in welcoming our new and new-ish team members, and check out what we’re looking forward to outside the office this fall in Pittsburgh and beyond.


The Point Line Projects Fall ’18 Team