About Us

Point Line Projects is an editorial and curatorial agency specializing in projects related to architecture and design. We produce high-quality books and exhibitions, offering writing, research, editing, agent, consulting, and design services to shepherd projects from concept to completion.

After helping clients develop and package their projects, we connect them with the ideal publishers, galleries, and museums to bring them to life. With a special interest in promoting new and underrepresented voices, Point Line Projects works to encourage thoughtful, critical, and engaged discourse around art, architecture, and the design professions. 

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Our Clients

Since 2016 we have developed a traveling exhibition with ArchiteXX, an interactive exhibition with Assemble, and a video exhibition with Onomatopee.

We’ve worked on a book on contemporary architecture by Victoria Newhouse, with a Greek edition by the Melissa Publishing House, a historical analysis of Athens by Ioanna Theocharopoulou, a new book by Paul Zelevansky, the first monograph on studio d’ARC, a theoretical provocation by Art Lubetz, research and writing for an archive of Mexican architecture, research for a book on radical architecture pedagogy, a new book on housing by Fernanda Canales, a writing initiative with AE7 Architects and Planners, and a catalogue for a fashion exhibition by the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York.

Who We Are

Sarah Rafson, Founder

Sarah Rafson is an architecture writer, researcher, editor, and curator. A graduate of the University of Toronto and Columbia University's Critical, Curatorial, and Conceptual Practices program, she has worked on books with Kenneth Frampton, Bernard Tschumi, and Barry Bergdoll, and collaborated on exhibitions at MoMA, Centre Pompidou, Center for Architecture in New York, and the Parsons School of Design.

While at MoMA, Sarah assisted in the development of exhibitions on contemporary architecture and was the editorial assistant for the catalogue of the 2015 exhibition Latin America in Construction.

While at Columbia, Sarah won the Buell Center Oral History Prize for her thesis on the feminist Chicago architecture curatorial collective, CARYATIDS. She currently sits on the board of ArchiteXX and writes on a range of issues in architecture and design.

Our Team

PLP draws on a vetted network of writers, researchers, editors, and photographers for each project. Want to join our team? Check here for upcoming freelance, internship, and employment opportunities.

Ilana Curtis, Editorial and Marketing Manager: Ilana Curtis (b.1996, Boston MA) holds a BA in architectural studies and studio arts from the University of Pittsburgh. She has done extensive research on modernist mass-housing in Berlin, Germany and different affordable housing models in the US. She is intrigued by the connection of people and place and the different roles of design in the built environment. 

She’s been with Point Line Projects since its earliest days as an intern working mainly on book projects. Now, Ilana has her hand in all aspects of Point Line Projects including spearheading a guest editorship at sub_teXXt, an online journal affiliated with nonprofit architectural advocacy organization, ArchiteXX launching this fall. 

Natasha Tabachnikoff, Research Associate: Natasha Tabachnikoff (b. 1994, Oakland, CA) is a researcher and graduate of Washington University in St. Louis’ architecture program. After working as a design communications freelancer in Berlin, she is pursuing her Master of City Planning at the University of Pennsylvania with a focus on affordable housing and community development.

Chahni Peeples, Research Associate: Chahni Peeples (b.1989, Rock Hill, SC) is a researcher and graduate student at Rutgers University, working toward a master's degree in global and comparative history. She also holds an MA in Italian from Middlebury College and has studied in Europe extensively, most recently in Amsterdam as part of a seminar on migrants and refugees with the Black Europe Summer School. She has been a research associate with Point Line Projects since April.

Aleeza Furman, Editorial Assistant: Aleeza Furman (b.1996, York, PA) holds a BA in creative writing and studio arts and a certificate in children's literature from the University of Pittsburgh."She worked as a copy editor for The Pitt News and is currently based in Philadelphia, PA.

Natalia Zdaniuk, Contributing Editor: Natalia Zdaniuk (b. 1989, Pittsburgh, PA) works as a freelance editor and researcher. She recently worked in Buffalo, NY, on a series of projects regarding cooperatives, queer community spaces, and local businesses. She has a BA in architecture and has recently completed her MA in human geography at the University of Toronto, where she focused on the spatial production of "safety" in political discourses and community organizing.


We are thrilled to offer meaningful internships to students at Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Pittsburgh. Below are some of the fantastic students who we have worked with.

Emily Ebersol, Research Assistant, Fall 2016, Spring 2017: Emily Ebersol (b.1997, Rochester, NY) is an architectural studies student at the University of Pittsburgh working toward a bachelor of arts. She holds particularinterest in curatorial collection and display ethics, and is working to develop independent research on the underrepresentation of African art in the contemporary museum.

Adam Kor, Editorial Assistant, Summer 2016, Spring 2017: Adam Kor (b. 1996, Hong Kong) is a student at Carnegie Mellon University working toward a bachelor of arts in architecture. He is a contributing editor of Interpunct vol. 2.

Kyle Wing, Curatorial Assistant, Summer 2016, Spring 2017: Kyle Wing (b. 1995, Sacramento, CA) is a designer working between the fields of architecture, design, editing, curating, and publishing. He is working toward a bachelor's degree in architecture at Carnegie Mellon University, where he is an editor of Interpunct vol. 2.

Aby Sobotka-Briner, Editorial Intern, Spring 2017: Abigail Sobotka/Briner (b. 1995, Lancaster, PA) is currently located in Pittsburgh after graduating with a bachelor of arts in architectural studies and studio arts from the University of Pittsburgh. Aby recently accepted a job offer in New Delhi, India with Siddhartha Das Studio and will be moving there this fall. 

KelliLaurel Mijares, Curatorial Assistant, Spring 2017: KelliLaurel Mijares (b. 1994, Houston, TX) is a student at Carnegie Mellon University working toward a bachelor's degree in architecture. She is interested in curation, representation, and dialogue at the intersection of architecture and architectural history.

Sarah Grossman, Curatorial Intern, Summer 2017: Sarah Grossman (b. 1995, Pittsburgh, PA) is an architectural studies, music, studio arts, and global studies student at the University of Pittsburgh. Sarah is a core organizer with the Pitt Bike Collective and sings in the university women'schoir.

Jennifer Wang, Editorial Intern, Summer 2017: Jennifer Wang (b. 1995, Zhengzhou, China) is completing her bachelors of arts in architectural studies and bachelors of science in biological sciences at the University of Pittsburgh. After graduating in the summer of 2017, she plans on working in project development for Habitat AmeriCorps and pursuing a Juris Doctor degree.

Iris Wang, Curatorial Intern, Fall 2017: Iris Wang (b. 1993, Shanghai, China) is a masters of arts management student at Carnegie Mellon University. She wrote her undergraduate thesis on art and the cultural revolution and enjoys art, calligraphy, and sketching.

Amanda Bartko, Development & Marketing Intern, Fall 2017: Amanda Bartko (b. 1996, Hermitage, PA) is a student at the University of Pittsburgh studying psychology and art history and pursuing a minor in studio arts. This academic year, she is doing independent research on artists' and modern art museums’ use of social media in the Digital Age.

Kyleen Pickering, Editorial Assistant, Spring 2018: Kyleen Pickering (b. 1996, Chicago, IL) is a senior at the University of Pittsburgh studying creative nonfiction writing, public and professional writing, and Russian language and history. She currently works as copy chief of The Pitt News.  

Jakob Uhlenhopp, Curatorial Assistant, Spring 2018: Jakob Uhlenhopp (b. 1995, New York) is a recent graduate of Carnegie Mellon University with a BA in Architecture. He is passionate in the investigation of cultural landscape, urbanism, and cartography.

Avocet Greenwell, Editorial Intern, Fall 2018: Avocet Greenwell (b.1998, Cincinnati, OH) is a sophomore at the University of Pittsburgh studying Urban Studies. She is interested in representation and accessibility in the urban and architectural field, and a variety of other issues from feminist cities to universal design.

Jai Kanodia, Development Intern, Spring 2019: Jai Kanodia (b. 1996, India) is a student at Carnegie Mellon University working toward a Bachelor of Architecture, along with a minor in Business Administration. His passion for connecting people and spreading new ideas led him to co-found TEDxCMU. He currently serves as the Innovation Curator on the TEDxPittsburgh team.

Abigail Salmon, Editorial Intern, Spring 2019: Abigail Salmon (b. 1997, Staten Island, NY) is a senior at Carnegie Mellon University studying Professional Writing, German Language & Culture Studies, and Linguistics. She is interested in translation as a tool to foster artistic expression on a community level.

Kenneth Wahrenberger, Research Intern, Spring 2019: Kenneth Wahrenberger (b. 1995, Pittsburgh, PA) is a senior at the University of Pittsburgh majoring in Communication Rhetoric and Religious Studies and minoring in Museum Studies. Since August 2018, he has been assisting The Andy Warhol Museum’s chief curator Jose Carlos Diaz on his upcoming exhibition Andy Warhol: Revelation, which examines the Pop artist’s religious side. Kenneth is fascinated by Islamic art and architecture, and he has published museum exhibition reviews in Islamic Horizons Magazine.

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